A look back at 2017 – applying sustainability at an operational level

2017 was another year of strategic growth for UetlibergPartners. We expanded our portfolio, adding new clients in various industry sectors and covering new topics around sustainability. In addition to advising […]

Daum & Walton named full partners

UetlibergPartners is proud to announce that Dr. Ulrich Daum and Mark Walton are now full partners.

Walton brings his in-depth knowledge of the American market and over 30 years of experience in chemicals issues management; Daum contributes with extensive senior general management and chemical engineering expertise.

De Bauw to moderate panel discussion at EUROPUR Annual Event

The 2016 Annual Event of EUROPUR, the European Association of Flexible Polyurethane Foam Block Manufacturers, will focus on the Circular Economy package of the European Commission and its implications for the PU foam sector. On June 8th, Geneviève De Bauw, Partner, will moderate a panel discussion on «Thinking in Lifecycles – a lot of work ahead». Panelists include Philipp Burgtorf (Recticel and EBIA), Richard Northcote (Covestro), Toni Gallone (Renault), Andreas Ahrens (IKEA), and Tom Mikkelsen (Tempur Sealy).

Daum, Walton, Behrendt and Heughebaert join UetlibergPartners’ network as Associate Partners Copy

Effective January 1st, 2016, Dr. Ulrich Daum, Mark Walton, Peter Behrendt and Linda Heughebaert have joined the company’s network of experts as Associate Partners. Their combined experience enhances significantly the service offer of UetlibergPartners. In particular, the new Associate Partners bring additional expertise in the fields of business strategy and development (Daum), strategic communications and advocacy, North American issues management (Walton), plastics and chemicals issue management (Behrendt), and product safety and sustainable development (Heughebaert).

“PVC und Umwelt” – contribution by Guido De Wit

Guido De Wit delivered a presentation on the topic of “Transparency and REACH for more sustainable value chains” at the June 2015 “PVC und Umwelt” (PVC and the environment) workshop organised by PlasticsEurope Germany. The audience included industry and regulatory participants.

Chemical Performance – towards new business models?

As part of its ongoing assignment from BASF, UetlibergPartners just initiated and will moderate another online discussion on the BASF “Creator Space ™” website. This discussion focuses on chemical performance, with a view to reflecting on possible business models to ensure optimised performance and use of chemicals across the value chain. For example, is it possible to complement or even replace the traditional “quantitative selling” business model for some chemicals by a more “qualitative” model?

This discussion can be accessed here