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In the past few months, UetlibergPartners carried out a variety of assignments, for corporate, academic and association clients.  The two projects detailed below provide a good overview of the type of work we deliver:

1 – AlpLinkBioEco – strategic support to bio-based circular economy project

UetlibergPartners is supporting the AlplinkBioEco project, an EU-funded  network  focusing on the development of Novel Value Chains for a Bio-Based Circular Economy in the Alpine space.

The project will develop a cross-regional circular bio-based economic strategy including a roadmap and demonstrators to assess, select and create innovative value chains piloting four sectors: wood, agriculture, food/pharma packaging and chemistry. AlpLinkBioEco is joined by 14 partners from 8 regions and 6 Alpine States and 11 observers. The AlpLinkBioEco community includes policy makers, cluster initiatives, sectoral agencies, research centres, SMEs and individual actors.

UetlibergPartners is chairing and providing advisory services to the AlpBioLink Project Advisory Board

For more info: 

Website. http://www.alpine-space.eu/projects/alplinkbioeco

Youtube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWOknu-43q4Q4YI1PfRQnEQ?disable_polymer=true


2 – PlasticsEurope – Polyolefins (PO) Group – Technical and strategic support for the drafting of a report on volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions.

This project demanded a reliable, verifiable and actionable report of VOC emissions from polyolefin processes for use towards EU regulatory authorities.

UetlibergPartners’s support, focusing on an iterative dialogue with the polyolefins experts group, was instrumental in defining a consistent methodology for the collection and presentation of VOC emissions.

This enabled the PO group to build a credible way forward with the EU’s Joint Research Centre, which will use and process this data to develop a BREF (Best Available Techniques Reference Document) for the polyolefins sector.

A look back at 2017 – applying sustainability at an operational level

January 21, 2018

2017 was another year of strategic growth for UetlibergPartners. We expanded our portfolio, adding new clients in various industry sectors and covering new topics around sustainability. In addition to advising individual companies in the chemicals and intermediates sectors, we also supported consortia of companies and trade associations. Here are a few examples of the assignments we worked on for such clients:



  • We supported the take-off of the PolyStyreneLoop organisation, advising its members on the structuring and strategic positioning of this pilot project in the field of polystyrene recycling. The PolyStyreneLoop project is a perfect “beacon” example of applied circular economy within the PS foam value chain, providing closed-loop recycling for insulation materials, while allowing separation and treatment of the bromine component of the legacy POP fire retardant HBCD


  • UetlibergPartners also continued to provide project management services to the ProScale consortium, a group of 7 partners developing a method for assessing the toxicological potentials of product systems from a life cycle perspective. ProScale was developed to address the growing demand for a tool to compare the hazard and exposure performance of chemical substances along the life cycle of products. The method was launched at a conference held in Brussels on 5 October 2017. More information on the method and on the conference is available on the ProScale website


  • Confronted with the challenges of globalisation and digitisation, IFIA, the international federation representing the independent testing, inspection and certification sector (TIC), appointed UetlibergPartners to initiate a strategy review looking at the long-term sustainability of IFIA vis-à-vis both its members and its key external stakeholders. UetlibergPartners facilitated a series of workshops that kicked off an in-depth revision of the IFIA structure, of its operations, and of its relations with sister organisations in the TIC field.