Month: December 2020

Opportunities for the chemicals, plastics and energy supply industries in times of crisis – October 2020

December 21, 2020

UetlibergPartners hosted two virtual Industry Round Table meetings for key clients and allies in October 2020 to discuss a range of topics, from the economic challenges of the ongoing pandemic to the opportunities presented by a more sustainable society.

While the two debates acknowledged that chemistry has a lot to offer society by, for example:

  • developing technologies to reduce climate change,
  • enabling a hydrogen based economy,
  • supporting a more circular approach to products and services with processes that can close the loop in an intelligent way along the whole value chain,
  • safeguarding the environment,

the participants highlighted the leadership challenges presented by reputation damaging biased information that encourages more stringent regulation and undermines the creation of a high calibre workforce for the future

Opportunities presented by initiatives such as the Green Deal were discussed, including

  • new business models and new technologies,
  • cross industry partnerships,
  • cooperative initiatives along value chains,
  • industry consortia.

Participants were provided with a summary of the debates including the needs and challenges highlighted by over 60 separate discussion points.