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Opportunities for the chemicals, plastics and energy supply industries in times of crisis – October 2020

December 21, 2020

UetlibergPartners hosted two virtual Industry Round Table meetings for key clients and allies in October 2020 to discuss a range of topics, from the economic challenges of the ongoing pandemic to the opportunities presented by a more sustainable society.

While the two debates acknowledged that chemistry has a lot to offer society by, for example:

  • developing technologies to reduce climate change,
  • enabling a hydrogen based economy,
  • supporting a more circular approach to products and services with processes that can close the loop in an intelligent way along the whole value chain,
  • safeguarding the environment,

the participants highlighted the leadership challenges presented by reputation damaging biased information that encourages more stringent regulation and undermines the creation of a high calibre workforce for the future

Opportunities presented by initiatives such as the Green Deal were discussed, including

  • new business models and new technologies,
  • cross industry partnerships,
  • cooperative initiatives along value chains,
  • industry consortia.

Participants were provided with a summary of the debates including the needs and challenges highlighted by over 60 separate discussion points.

It is with deep sadness that we are announcing the passing away of Mark Alan Walton on Sunday, August 30th, 2020.

An early supporter and one of the founding members of UetlibergPartners, Mark was our partner in North America.  Mark’s in-depth experience and knowledge of the chemicals and plastics industry was highly valued; he was one of the best specialists of US environmental policies and issues.  His communication skills were outstanding – he was one of those rare people able to translate complex issues into layman’s language, without losing any of the importance of what was at stake, and he was always able to do so with innate dignity and respect for his speaking partners.

We will miss his quiet but authoritative voice when speaking about industry issues.  To his wife Susan, his children and his grand-children, we offer our most sincere condolences.

In April and May 2020, UetlibergPartners held 4 online dialogue sessions with its key clients and allies, focusing on sustainability in times of crisis.

The April sessions concentrated on an evaluation of the sustainability gaps revealed and enhanced by the COVID-19 sanitary and economic & social crisis, while the May sessions focused on possible action to rebound on the crisis, grab the opportunities it offers, and develop solutions to bring industry on a coherent and continuous sustainability path.

The results of these discussions clearly show that the priority issues bearing the most opportunities for sustainable business growth, innovation and reputation are “Climate change” and “Circular economy”.  The EU’s “Green Deal” was identified as a forward-looking policy umbrella that, if developed in close cooperation with various stakeholders, could enhance such growth.

As the ways of implementation, including measures and timing, are different for each enterprise, individual paths forward will need to be worked into business specific roadmaps; an area where UetlibergPartners’ competences and expertise have often been successfully applied.